Happy Hour Again

IT'S DECEMBER! Time to put some Wham! on and bake Christmas treats! December is my favourite month of the year, mainly because it means I get an excuse to spend loads of time online shopping, wrapping presents (I actually really enjoy wrapping presents, and I am the queen of curly ribbons) and dressing up. I woke up on December 1st feeling 100 times more festive than I had in November. Christmas really starts now!
Last weekend I went out for dinner to one of my favourite hangouts, Drudenfuss in the centre of Aarhus. As I love any excuse to dress up and put my best red lipstick on, plus the fact it was the first weekend of December (always a reason to celebrate) I took the opportunity to don my new knitted dress and to finally showcase the most wonderful bag on earth, my Vendula London Happy Hour Clutch*.


 I've been waiting for a chance to use this bag (and a drop a Housemartins reference in my blog title) as it really is the most beautiful thing with its gold embossing and red satin lining and I feel like teamed with a sparkly dress it creates a dynamite winter look! I am a huge fan of velvet, wearing it always makes me feel very glam but still comfortable, and this bag does the exact same. Vendula have been lovely enough to send me two clutch bags now (see the other in a post here!) and the thing that strikes me about them is that they are surprisingly practical and fuss free to use. I was a little concerned that with them being a box bag it might be easy for them to get in the way of daily life or that the metal sides might be easily scratched, but this is not the case at all. Easy to carry, sturdy and beautiful!

My favourite part of this bag is the back of it. I mean, look at the little cocktail! This bag is perfect if you want a statement peace to wear at Christmas and New Years parties or just out for dinner and drinks. There really are so many occasions in the next few weeks (and months) that I know this bag will be fantastic for. Vendula are fast becoming one of my favourite companies so do check them out, especially all the beautiful things in their A/W range. The clutch bags are the perfect Christmas present (My mum wants one and has told me she will be borrowing mine as much as she can , as have a fair few other people). Every experience with Vendula has been fantastic for me, from the quality of the bags to the brilliant customer service. I really can't recommend them enough.

I have changed up my makeup routine an awful lot recently and seem to have switched products completely. I've been trying out the MAC Mineralize Moisture foundation in NW15 and I really have fallen in love with it. It sets brilliantly with a loose powder and gives a flawless but sheer finish that is great for everyday wear. I also had a bit of an eyebrow grooming disaster a week or so ago which left one of my brows looking a little worse for wear so I have been going for a much more 'done' look rather than leaving them to their own devices. I have been filling them in slightly with a Rimmel Brow Pencil in Black Brown, but I am trying to keep them looking fairly natural at the same time!

I got my dress last month when I visited Hull. I went to Meadowhall with my Auntie, Uncle, Grandma and Cousin ( we always try to fit in a shopping day, my family are some of the most stylish people I know and together we always find the best buys) and I saw this dress in Primark and knew instantly I had to have it. I've been wanting a very wearable but still sparkly dress since last Christmas when I wore this beauty by Oh My Love (gorgeous, but a little too much effort for day to day!) and this one fits the bill perfectly. They also had it in silver which I massively regret not getting, but the gold was an instant winner for me.

The Oh My Love Dress, layered under a Primark Christmas jumper for last years Save The Children Christmas Jumper Day
Pictures from Christmas Day last year:

This Months Inspiration:
Brands & Designers featured: Shrimps, House of Holland, Topshop and Vivienne Westwood.
Photos: From A/W 15-16 shows of featured brands and designers, Stills of Rita Hayworth from Gilda, Stills from 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I feel like I haven't been in the blogging zone recently but I feel really motivated to write at the minute, especially with the holidays coming up! Have a lovely week this week, and remember to have a good look on the Vendula London website whilst you do your Christmas shopping!
Bethany x

Christmas Markets and Castles

At the minute time is flying past me, and the few weeks have been a fairly stressful blur! All of a sudden my schedule seemed to be filled with assignments and presentations that I had to prepare for so I haven't had that much time just to chill out. I had the most lovely extended weekend last week though after a few days of art exhibitions and some classes taught by other students. I had free time from Thursday through to Sunday, so I spent Thursday and Saturday catching up on work and sleep and Friday searching for a job and window shopping after breakfast with my mum in the cosiest little coffee/book shop. I also ended up going to see the Christmas light switch on and parade in the city with friends which was so lovely, if a little drizzly, so we spent most of the night wandering round and looking at the decorations and sharing cinnamon Churros. I feel like when the lights are turned on that its officially the run up to Christmas time, and although I know its still quite early in the year to be feeling festive I'm not going to let it stop me listening to Wham! and getting my Christmas shopping done and my holiday outfits planned. In the past few years Christmas for me has become less of a getting presents and eating loads kind of event and more of a time to see my family in England and spend quality time with them. I think this has to do with getting older as well as living away from home , but it's the reason I love Christmas so much, knowing that I can just hang out with my family at my favourite time of the year.

 Coat: H&M, Dress: Urban Outfitters, Boots: H&M

On Sunday we visited Rosenholm Slot, Denmark's oldest family owned castle, built in 1559. We had heard about their Christmas Market and being lovers of all things festive decided to check it out. It was my first Christmas Market of the year and was as lovely as expected. It was so relaxing to have a mooch around the stalls and listen to Christmas carols before exploring the ground of the castle itself. We also got chatting to the nicest man who explained the history of the Rosenholm to us before heading off to get Hot Chocolate and Æbleskiver (circular danish 'pancakes' with jam and sugar). It's so lovely to do festive things again! The inside of the castle was absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous views of the moat outside which is full of carp and other fish.

Tonight I'm planning to pack for my weekend back home in Hull. I leave on Thursday night and have a weekend full of plans from the second the plane lands, so I can't wait for that. I seem to have visited England much more than usual this year and, as much as I love Denmark, I'm always really excited to go back. I also have the challenge of taking only hand luggage with me, so the struggle of trying to fit about 700 outfit combinations in a backpack, plus my sketchbook and everything else, will be interesting! Wish me luck...
Bethany x

* This month has been crazily hectic for so many reasons and it's been stopping me from sitting down and just writing, styling or photographing posts. I am nowhere near my three post a month target, but I feel like that's okay, as I would rather post something that isn't rushed or typed out because I feel like I have to post. This post today was actually written on Tuesday the 17th, before my weekend trip back to Hull to see my wonderful family. It was amazing to have a couple of days just to hang out with my cousin and grandmas and everyone else as, normally when I visit home, it is so incredibly busy, so having a blank weekend was so special. I have a great weekend planned too. Yesterday was a family 'Pizza night', I spent yesterday baking cranberry and white chocolate cookies to take to an early Christmas night with friends (now known as 'Christmas in November'), which was an opportunity to dress festively and watch The Polar Express, and today I'm going to finally get around to starting a new art project and finishing up some of the other bits of work that I have hanging around before putting up our Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy this post anyway. My next post will be another collaboration with the lovely Vendula London and I cannot WAIT to show you the A/W clutch they have kindly sent to me! Have a fantastic week X

St Tropez

 St Tropez! This is the final travel post from my summer road trip and I have to say, I think its my favourite. I spent a grand total of about 8 hours in St Tropez (Former home of Bridgette Bardot), but some of my favourite photographs of the trip were taken here, so I've been very excited to share them with you. I think you just gel with some places immediately, even if you only spend a small amount of time there, and I wasn't expecting St Tropez to be like this at all. When I went to Paris (last year's trip, which you can see some of here) and Milan, it took me a good few days to fall in love with the cities, but when the boat we travelled on docked in St Tropez, I instantly understood what the place was all about. It was exactly how I imagined the French Rivera to be: warm, friendly and glamorous in its own quaint kind of way. My outfit photos were taken in Cannes before we set off, mainly because it was the coolest time of the morning and, therefore, the most convenient time to take them, but also because I don't really like boats and, after disembarking, I looked more than a little worse for wear. Whilst I wanted to stay on the top deck taking photographs of the coast, I spent most of the journey huddled up in a corner seat downstairs trying not to feel the swaying movements or look out of the window. Thankfully, Ellie was with me to get some pictures of what I missed out on! 

 Before we go any further, I feel like I should address the fact that the Chanel in St Tropez is the most insanely beautiful shop in the whole entire world. From the 26th of April to the end of October, Chanel takes residence at La Mistralee. La Mistralee was once the mansion of Alexandre of Paris, Hairdresser to Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, which only adds to the glamour of it all! The pool in the gardens is clearly gorgeous and gives such a tranquil feel.  I am obviously not at one with peaceful surroundings, as I did almost trip into the pool after falling over my own feet. Very elegant! After Chanel, we headed over to Cafe de Paris for some lunch, but after a drink we decided to head somewhere a little more interesting and ended up eating salad, pasta and seafood, and people watching at the tables outside a little restaurant.

We then headed off to do some shopping, as we usually do! I wore Ellie's top from Topshop, a Zara skirt bought in Cannes, River Island shoes and the best summer bag ever from H&M. Shopping in Cannes and St Tropez was incredible, there was so much to lust after! I loved seeing the stores of Miu Miu (Who really are killing it at the minute, don't you think?) and Louis Vuitton right next to independent boutiques and ice cream parlours. As usual, my favourite part of the day was spent wandering around with no purpose, just taking in my surroundings, though this did lead to us getting ever so slightly lost in the most beautiful area, surrounded by white houses with flowers and vines growing up the walls. We also found the most perfect street, completely free of people with only a white Vespa on the pavement. Basically a bloggers dream photo destination!

The colours and architecture of St Tropez have left me wanting to work on some art inspired by my trip, so I am going to try and take some time in the next few weeks to do that. I never have the time to just sit down and work on something entirely of my own accord. I regret not sketching whilst I was there so it was all fresh on my mind but I suppose I was preoccupied exploring and photographing! I am having a pretty busy (but fairly wonderful) time at the minute balancing coursework and taking time out to eat pizza and watch Halloween movies with friends, but I do want to let myself just sit with a sketchbook at some point and work on whatever I want.

I'm completely up to date on all my post material now so hopefully I can start sharing more current and season appropriate happenings on here. I want to try and document more and I feel like I've lost my blogging mojo recently, so I do want to show you more of whats happening, especially in the lead up to Christmas! I hope you've had a wonderful October,
Bethany x