Prague- Part 2

Band: Circus Problem

Our second (and last) day in Prague (if you haven't already, you can see the first post here!) took us to Charles Bridge, the most beautiful bridge I have ever seen.  It really is incredible, lined by statues on either side and absolutely packed with stalls and people. The views are absolutely insane too! You can see all the muddled buildings jostled together and the city working all around you. It was really surreal to turn around and seeing the gorgeous castle stood there behind the yellow bricked buildings and grand gateways.
As we reached the end of the bridge we realised there was a lot of music and commotion just underneath where we were standing. It turned out to be the Kampa Island Carnival, and it was so much fun. There were a load of stalls selling hot dogs, hot rum and wine (just what you need to warm up) and cakes, a band (check them out here) playing Balkan Music and hoards of people in fancy dress. When we were dancing down in the heart of the crowd, a woman dressed as a bumble bee actually came up and drew yellow hearts on our cheeks (which we then walked around with for the rest of the day, haha). We were pretty lucky to catch it at such a good time to say we knew nothing about it!
I really enjoyed my time in Prague! I loved seeing the city so so much, it definitely lived up to my expectations. I was having a conversation with someone the other day about which cities I rate the most that I've visited, which city was my favourite, whether Prague was in my top 3, and I honestly can't say. Everywhere I've been is so so different and I love little pieces of everywhere. I loved the food in Rome, the laid back feel of Copenhagen, the coziness of Bruges, the architecture of Paris, but I can't pick my favourite thing from here, or rate it. It was just a really wonderful place to be.  Every city I seem to like goes up there in my favourites, and I now have so many I could never choose a top 3 or narrow it down in any way!
I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little bit about my trip in these past two posts. I love having photographs like these to share with you every now and again opposed to me rambling on about nothing in particular!
Have a fantastic week,
Bethany x


It feels like I haven't gotten to travel in AGES. This is a ridiculous thing to feel, as it was only Christmas when I got to explore Bremen and Bruges, but I suppose when you get used to doing a lot of something, you miss it when it goes! My sister and I were talking the other day about how funny it is that we feel like we need a change of scenery every so often, even if it's just a day in Copenhagen. Just being somewhere different is instantly relaxing, as much as I love being home with all my own things. It’s been a bit of a stressful time recently, so I was really excited to have some time out and explore somewhere new for a few days. This time our travels took us to Prague, another city I was completely new to, but had heard great things about. It was quite an impromptu trip compared to usual, which only makes it more exciting, doesn’t it? A long car journey (filled with some very good travelling music, if I do say so myself) and an overnight stopover later, and we had arrived.
Prague is like no city I've ever been to before. It's such a mash up of the old and new, and everywhere you look there is something to see. The architecture here is incredible, there's so much detail. We started off our first day by going to the John Lennon Wall, a wall which has been filled with street art since the 1980s. It was a place for people to post their grievances and issues with the government at the time, but now symbolises peace and love, and really is a great thing to see. 
We then headed over to the castle, which has the most insane views out over the city, and is beautiful. It was a bit of a walk up, but so worth it. There is so much to look at up there, it's almost like a city in itself. The detail on the buildings is ridiculous, it is all so intricate.
It's pretty cold here at the minute, so I wrapped up warm in my trusty fur collared coat and velvet gloves, which are so much cosier than they look! I fear some of you may already be a little sick of seeing me in this coat/bag/little dress combo. Over the years I may build up a collection of coats, but until the sun graces us again we're stuck with this one (so its lucky I do absolutely love it, mainly for the faux fur). My dress is one that I've been wearing to death lately out of sheer laziness. It's so easy just to throw on (especially with it being a smock dress, the comfiest dress style of all). I don't usually wear that much colour, but I really do love the colour of this! It's not too bright and not too dark, and it’s quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe. 
Also, Happy Valentine’s Day! Whatever you do and whoever you spend today with, have a wonderful time. That's about all from me I think as I should be getting ready for another day exploring, so I hope you are doing fabulously!  

Bethany x

De Paris Avec L'Amour

Its completely failing me who designed these garments, which is a huge shame because not only do I want to share it with you, but I would also just love to know so I can look at more clothes by the said designer! If you know or have any clue, tell me in the comments!

My Outfit
Dress- Henry Holland; Cardigan- Yumi; Bag- Fiorelli;

Base- Loreal BB cream in 'Light'
Lipstick- MAC Retro Matte in 'Ruby Woo'

Last year was quite wonderful for me in terms of travel. I managed to visit so many beautiful places, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Cornwall, cities spread across Germany and (if you follow me on Instagram you'll already know this I imagine) Paris. I absolutely love being new to a city and being able to explore, almost as much as I love knowing a great city like the back of my hand and being able to navigate my way around in seconds.
 Paris had to be one of my favourite cities of 2014 (Copenhagen, you are a close second). Every street has something stunningly beautiful mixed in with it, and everything was art. The food, the architecture, the fashion, everything! Actually being in Paris was the strangest thing. You see so many photographs of landmarks and scenes in movies that being in the heart of it all almost doesn't feel real. It's almost like being in the middle of a Disney film when you look around, as everywhere you turn there are tiny but beautiful little details or colours or even gorgeous little bursts of street art. Only the people walking to work via the Champs Elysee's (something that it seems Parisians do with a ridiculous amount of authority and confidence amongst the groups of tourists) or just going about their daily lives really brings you back to reality.
I was a little underwhelmed by the food in Paris if I'm honest, but then again I think we chose wrongly when it came to where to eat. The Patisseries boasted the most beautiful food I have genuinely ever seen, and the Cafes that line every street serve lovely things, but main meals? Not so much! If you have any suggestions for food in Paris, what to try, where to go and so on, do tell me in the comments! I'm sure you all know by now how much I love my food haha. When the food was beautiful, it was very beautiful, but after a run in with a bad fondue and the most awful onion soup ever, I was a little disillusioned. Supposedly burgers in paris are excellent as a general rule? I've seen that written so many times online since i've come back! Oh the regret! You'll of also seen the pictures of me scoffing a Cupcake. That cupcake was a pink lemonade cupcake from Berties Cupcakery, and it was glorious. If you ever find yourself around the Notre Dame and in desperate need of a cake fix, go! You won't be disappointed.
I can't wait for this summer now, as I am lucky enough to be going back to paris for four days! This is making me excited beyond belief. Again, if you have any suggestions of places to go or things to do, do tell me!
I hope February has started wonderfully for you. It's good to get rid of any january blues isn't it? I feel like 2015 is in full swing now!
Bethany x

Green Midi Skirts In The Snow

Top: Vera Moda - Skirt: Zara - Ring, Earrings, Shoes: Topshop - Bag: Vivienne Westwood

Base:  Garnier BB cream in Light - Collection Concealer in No1 - Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Translucent
Cheeks, Contours, Highlights: Sleek Face Form Pallete in Light
Eyes: Makeup Revolution 'Essential Shimmers' Pallete -  Benefit they're real mascara
Lips: MAC Lip Primer - Nars lipstick in Annabella'   

THE SNOW HAS ARRIVED! Every time it snows here I get so excited, this time it looks like it's here to stay for a little while. It makes everything look so much prettier doesn't it? Saying that though I suppose it does make getting dressed more difficult, especially as all I want to do is pile 10 jumpers on top of each other and wear the biggest coat I can get my hands on. Just in case you were wondering, yes, these photos were taken whilst it was snowing, and yes, I did end up freezing cold and a bit soggy. It was fun though!
Midi Skirts are something I feel I haven't worn for a while. It seems so difficult to pair them with a warm coat without ruining the silhouette. I wear them much more in the summer when I don't have to worry as much about keeping warm and tend to favour a shorter skirt in the winter, something which probably doesn't make so much sense as surely a midi skirt would be warmer? I got this one in Copenhagen last summer, and its one of my favourite skirts purely because of the gorgeous colour. 
I've been really into statement jewellery over the past few months. My go to place for jewellery is always Topshop, mainly because they always have that magical glittering sale rail. Both my earrings and my ring are from the said wondrous and seemingly constant jewellery sale, and together came to a total of about £6. I also got the ring in a deep purple, but it currently seems to either be hidden in my room or is somewhere between Denmark and England, as you can guarantee I will always lose or leave one thing behind on our trips to or from my hometown. Jewellery like this is just so handy! If I'm ever wearing something a little dull or plain, I know that I can just reach into my jewellery box and pull out a costume ring or a statement necklace and feel much more put together. 
Finally, lets talk about my incredibly inappropriate-for-the-snow but nonetheless lovely shoes. Again, these were another topshop bargain for just £15, which in my opinion is not too bad at all! I'm falling in love with pointed shoes but I can never seem to find flats in that style, so I couldn't believe my luck when I came across these. A love of shoes doesn't come naturally to me. I never really have been someone who focused much on them, and I usually will wear shoes until they are falling apart. This seems to be changing lately, and I've even started introducing myself to *gasp* heels. How very adventurous of me! 
I hope you are all well, and like the changes I've made to my blog! I'm feeling much more confident with the way it is now, but if you think anything could be improved in the layout and so on, do tell me! 
Bethany x