A Monday In Nørrebro


Mondo Kaos
On my last day in Copenhagen, I knew I wanted to visit a district called Nørrebro and hang out there. It's probably my favourite place to be within the city and, in my opinion, it has some of the best shops in Copenhagen, especially when I'm looking for vintage, secondhand and repro clothes. Where I live at the minute, I don't have the best pick of vintage or secondhand unless I travel for an hour or so to cities like Aarhus, where they have a better selection, but I always look forward to Copenhagen as I know I'll be able to find something fantastic and, if not, I'm able to scour through the clashing prints, patterns and fabrics taking inspiration and getting some style ideas.

My hair decided not to cooperate in the slightest this day, with a mixture of drizzle and the humid air turning it against me. I actually didn't notice how unruly it was until I got home that night to see myself with a halo of wispy curls, a look which I must say, I'm not overly fond of! I wore my black Zara midi skirt, which you may recognise as I wore it in green here. I loved the shape and versatility so much that when I saw this black one in Prague I knew I had to snap it up or I would regret it. I can't wait until the warmer weather, when I can just pop on a midi skirt without worrying about which jackets will ruin the silhouette! They also do this skirt in a burnt orange shade, but I can't seem to find that anywhere. They are amazing quality, so I might have to look more closely into that one! My bardot top is also from Zara, and again, I own it in two colour ways and love it to bits. It is SO COMFORTABLE and I am starting to wear them whenever possible, something which I might need to stop doing so as not to wear them out too fast. As always, I had my trusty Vivienne Westwood bag with me (I love you Viv), and I also had my new Olympus OM-D EM-10 around my neck ready for a day of photo taking. I absolutely love the look of my Olympus and I feel that it fits really well aesthetically, and I am also loving using it so far! From now on, it's what I should be using to take all of my blog photos, so I hope you like the style of them too. I still have loads to learn though, so if you have any photography tips, do tell me in the comments!

My first stop of the day was Prag, a vintage shop that is filled with absolutely everything you could want. Whether you're looking for an 80s does 50s prom dress, a suit jacket, a huge, fluffy jumper or petticoats in all the colours of the rainbow, they have it. Prag is also my favourite place to get seamed tights, as they are reasonably priced and are such good quality! I spent quite a long time in here; going through all the rails and gawping at a tomato red dress with gold buttons and shoulder pads before we moved on. (Prag also sells Barry M nail varnish and it's the only shop in Denmark I have seen that does, a top tip to any English expats in need of a home comfort in the form of cosmetics).
After a good wander around and visits to many charity shops (the Red Cross opposite Prag is secondhand GOLD), we headed over to Mondo Kaos, which is the most wonderful shop that sells vintage reproduction clothing. Again, vintage reproduction is something I struggle to find anywhere else in Denmark, so I always look forward to paying a visit just so I can look over all of the dresses with hearts in my eyes. Mondo Kaos basically offers a pick of brands from Trashy Diva and Collectif to What Katie Did and Miss L Fire, all fitted into one beautiful boutique. Out of all the shops in Copenhagen, this is my favourite by far and whenever I have been in, the staff have been absolutely lovely (and also seem to be constantly immaculately dressed and gorgeous). This is where I made my best purchase of the day in the form of a Luxulite Cherry Brooch, which I can't wait to show you in another post! I've looked at Luxulite pieces for so long without ever making a purchase and I'm so excited to finally have one pinned to my shirt!
After more exploring and a visit to Torvehallerne, a huge food hall filled with the most amazing stuff (which I got no pictures of, as I was too busy stuffing my face with a red velvet cupcake. Well, it was my birthday trip!), we headed back home, feeling very happy, with extra cake and a very tired dog in our arms. I had such a wonderful trip, so March ended on a high! I hope you're loving this month so far.

To finish up this post, I'll leave you with a list of my favourite vintage, secondhand and repro shops in Copenhagen, should you ever be in need of one :
Mondo Kaos
København k
Atelier Decor
Carmen and Fantasio
FN92 Vintage
And make sure you look around the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen, there is a ton of secondhand shops and boutiques alongside cafes and bars.

Bethany x

My Birthday In Copenhagen

On Sunday it was my birthday, something which I was very excited about because: 
A. IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY, which means I get to hear from all the people I hold dearest (love to you all)
B. Birthdays mean you can eat as much as you like without feeling guilty
C. I was lucky enough to be in the wonderful city of Copenhagen for the whole day. 

We arrived in Copenhagen on Saturday, at about lunchtime, and went straight into the centre for a spot of shopping. I absolutely LOVE shopping in Copenhagen because it has stores that aren't really anywhere else in Denmark, so it's the best place to get your Topshop/Urban Outfitters/Sephora fix. I will be the first to admit I spent a long, long time in Sephora, prodding the Lancome Miracle Cushion and testing out every red lipstick I could get my hands on: almost too long, but not quite. When my feet felt like they might drop off from trotting up, down and around Strøget (which is one of Europe's largest pedestrianised shopping streets) we decided to head over to Hard Rock Cafe for drinks. This turned out to be a little disappointing as they have moved from the old location, which was right next to Tivoli and had a really good vibe to it, to another building which doesn't quite have the same atmosphere yet. I still had my all time favourite of strawberry and basil lemonade though, which I would drink constantly if I could, and that proved to be as lovely as ever.
After that, we decided to go to our favourite restaurant in Copenhagen, an Italian called Ristorante Italiano, just off of Strøget. We have never been here in the colder months before, so we usually sit outside in the sun, sharing pizza and tucking into big bowls of pasta, but this time we went inside and found that the restaurant was absolutely packed and was also the cosiest place on earth. We then got led to a table in what seemed to be the basement of the restaurant, which was lit predominantly by candle light and had little windows at the top of the walls where you could see peoples feet shuffling past. I ordered what I always have in any Italian restaurant ever, spaghetti carbonara, and everyone else had seafood spaghetti, which apparently is amazing! After a long meal we then set off back to our hotel, full of birthday wishes from the friendly waiters, complimentary Prosecco and a pizza that we added ridiculous amounts of garlic too. Wonderful.
I woke up the next morning to a drizzly but pretty amazing view of the city, a big stash of birthday cards and chocolate, an awful lot of the loveliest birthday messages which I didn't expect and the much anticipated addition of an Olympus OM-D E-M10 to my gadget family, Aka. My new favourite thing ever.  Being a twin, I also got to see Ellie, who you probably will have seen either here on my blog or on my Instagram, opening all her cards and gifts, which makes it feel like an even bigger celebration. I wore what seems like my uniform of my big faux fur collared coat, a little black skater dress and my chunky black suede boots, which must be becoming a little boring for you to see! As the weather gets brighter I will wear something different, I promise!
After feasting on pancakes at the hotel we jumped into a taxi as we realised that we would miss the changing of the guards at Amalienborg Palace if we didn't get a move on. I've seen this before, but its such a great thing to see and it also means you can wander around the palace courtyard and get a fantastic view of the opera house and Marble Church. They are currently filming around Copenhagen for 'The Danish Girl', a movie set in the 1920's, so we stumbled upon these beautiful vintage cars on our way back into the city centre. I know nothing about cars really, but LOOK HOW GORGEOUS THEY ARE!!! 
After hot chocolates and a tiny bit more shopping we decided to eat at Wagamamas and have a chilled night, which turned out to be exactly what we needed. I ate my own body weight in Pad Thai and chilli shrimp before we went back to the hotel room to find a view of Copenhagen all lit up, which is the prettiest thing I've seen in quite a while! 
I should have another post on my trip up soon depending on how essay writing and studying goes. It was lovely to leave all of that behind for a few days! I will be writing one as soon as I can edit and sort through the pictures, but I can tell you to expect midi skirts, vintage repro and second-hand shopping, plus a picture of rainbow coloured petticoats which I seem to be getting overly attached too. I hope you're all doing amazingly at the minute and are having a wonderful Easter week! 

Bethany x