Beaches, denim and LFW

So, I haven't blogged in well over a month... I had the busiest February imaginable this year, with a trip to Copenhagen right at the beginning with my mum and sister as a relaxing little break and the other about a week later for a four day politics conference, full of debating, networking and fitting in loads of fun trips to cosy bars at the end of a long day! I had a lovely time both trips, though the combination of late nights and early mornings of the second killed me ever so slightly and it took me an awfully long time to catch up on all the sleep that I missed. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be one of the highlights of 2016 for me and it was a great opportunity to spend some time with people who I wanted to hang out with more; I found myself missing sharing a room with friends and all the chatting, laughing and sharing of makeup that comes with it afterwards.

February carried on to be a cycle of work, work and more work as I got hit with more important deadlines, and this seems to have carried on into March too. I'm finding myself sitting taking notes well past midnight or frantically typing on my laptop in cafes incredibly often, and I'm feeling the pressure of the subjects I'm taking much more now; At this point there isn't much room for error so I really need to knuckle down and be more organised. It's an exciting time as well though, as I'm really looking into Uni now and deciding what I want to take and where. I ordered the prospectus for Fashion Marketing at UCA a few days ago, so I'm excited for that to arrive; seeing people like the fab Jamie (ily Jamie) do the same course I'm sold on and be generally amazing is really inspiring me to work hard right now! Its all feeling very real and grown up at the minute which may or may not absolutely terrify me.

I've been feeling super happy style wise lately. I finally feel like I'm making my way out of the rut I got stuck in and I've been trying to take myself out of my current comfort zone a lot more, something which may involve showing my arms a bit more and, as you can see here, wearing denim. I never ever wear denim because usually, Denim= Jeans and Jeans= My own personal nightmare. I never feel comfortable in Jeans anymore. I just don't understand how to style them and make them look good on me, and I can never find the right style for me and it just doesn't work. I found this skirt about a week ago, chucked on the floor of the H&M sale section and thought that I might as well try it on (mainly because it was my size, the only one left and cost about a tenner). I now realise how much I miss out on the whole denim thing and have rarely taken the skirt off since buying it. I also feel incredibly late on the whole button down the front bandwagon, so you'll have to excuse me for that! I never thought it would suit my style but actually its really working for me on the days I want a more chilled out, casual vibe. I'm also loving a massive t-shirt at the minute and find that chucking one on and layering a few Vivienne Westwood necklaces is the easiest, comfiest and still 'me' combo I can pull together on days where I don't want to look overly done, but still put together.

I have also FINALLY gotten around to watching and gawping at all the LFW shows I missed. I feel like LFW was filled with such wonderful shows this year; I'm not sure if it was the little Bowie influences sewn into so many designs or the sheer amount of faux fur, sequins and facial glitter I've been seeing but I don't remember enjoying seeing the clothes, shows and presentations this much in a long time! Here are some of my favourite looks:

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi AW16

Vivienne Westwood AW16/17

Felder Felder AW16/17

Ashish AW16/17

OTHER FAVES: Joseph AW16/17,  Lulu Liu AW16/17, Sophia Webster AW16/17, Shrimps AW16/17 Presentation. 

I'm currently in the car driving to Rotterdam to get the ferry to Hull where I'm going to be spending the Easter break. Its fallen quite perfectly actually as I'm in the UK the week before my birthday so I can see my family and UK friends,  and arrive back in Denmark just in time to spend my actual birthday with my Danish friends. I'm looking forward to a good chill out with my family. I have quite a few plans shaping my week up nicely; On Sunday I'm eating paella with my whole family, on Tuesday I'm going to get dinner with my oldest friends and on Good Friday, Ells, my cousin Lauren and I are going to see The Hubbards EP launch with Native People and Affairs at Fruit and then may or may not be eating our own body weights in pizza afterwards amongst other things. 

I hope you have a lovely Easter! 
Bethany x

* Beach Photography by Ellie Officer