De Paris Avec L'Amour

Its completely failing me who designed these garments, which is a huge shame because not only do I want to share it with you, but I would also just love to know so I can look at more clothes by the said designer! If you know or have any clue, tell me in the comments!

My Outfit
Dress- Henry Holland; Cardigan- Yumi; Bag- Fiorelli;

Base- Loreal BB cream in 'Light'
Lipstick- MAC Retro Matte in 'Ruby Woo'

Last year was quite wonderful for me in terms of travel. I managed to visit so many beautiful places, Copenhagen, Luxembourg, Cornwall, cities spread across Germany and (if you follow me on Instagram you'll already know this I imagine) Paris. I absolutely love being new to a city and being able to explore, almost as much as I love knowing a great city like the back of my hand and being able to navigate my way around in seconds.
 Paris had to be one of my favourite cities of 2014 (Copenhagen, you are a close second). Every street has something stunningly beautiful mixed in with it, and everything was art. The food, the architecture, the fashion, everything! Actually being in Paris was the strangest thing. You see so many photographs of landmarks and scenes in movies that being in the heart of it all almost doesn't feel real. It's almost like being in the middle of a Disney film when you look around, as everywhere you turn there are tiny but beautiful little details or colours or even gorgeous little bursts of street art. Only the people walking to work via the Champs Elysee's (something that it seems Parisians do with a ridiculous amount of authority and confidence amongst the groups of tourists) or just going about their daily lives really brings you back to reality.
I was a little underwhelmed by the food in Paris if I'm honest, but then again I think we chose wrongly when it came to where to eat. The Patisseries boasted the most beautiful food I have genuinely ever seen, and the Cafes that line every street serve lovely things, but main meals? Not so much! If you have any suggestions for food in Paris, what to try, where to go and so on, do tell me in the comments! I'm sure you all know by now how much I love my food haha. When the food was beautiful, it was very beautiful, but after a run in with a bad fondue and the most awful onion soup ever, I was a little disillusioned. Supposedly burgers in paris are excellent as a general rule? I've seen that written so many times online since i've come back! Oh the regret! You'll of also seen the pictures of me scoffing a Cupcake. That cupcake was a pink lemonade cupcake from Berties Cupcakery, and it was glorious. If you ever find yourself around the Notre Dame and in desperate need of a cake fix, go! You won't be disappointed.
I can't wait for this summer now, as I am lucky enough to be going back to paris for four days! This is making me excited beyond belief. Again, if you have any suggestions of places to go or things to do, do tell me!
I hope February has started wonderfully for you. It's good to get rid of any january blues isn't it? I feel like 2015 is in full swing now!
Bethany x


  1. These pictures are perfect, I love the dresses with the lights under them as well, so pretty :)) I wish I was in Paris just now...such a beautiful place :)) I hope you have a gorgeous week doll xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures :) So jealous you have been to Paris lol :) Such a lovely cute blog post :)
    Ava xox

  3. This was such a gorgeous travel post. Gosh Paris is amazing isn't it! I love the lock bridge.
    Last night I watched a movie called As Above So Below.... it's set underNEATH Paris and is CRAZY!!

    The way you showed us Paris is much more beautiful! If you can, please go see a Nouvelle Cabaret Show. They are AMAZING.

    1. Thank you! Thats a great recommendation, it looks amazing!!!! x

  4. The photos are so nice, captured Paris beautifully

    Hayley x

  5. Loving the pictures and the angle you shoot them from. Making me want to go there so bad.

    1. Thank you, I think its easier to photograph when the scenery is so gorgeous!
      Bethany x

  6. Love these pictures! Paris is so beautiful. And that macaron looks delicious! :)

  7. Beautiful photos! Those outfits just look amazing! They're like glowing! I've never been to Paris but I really want to. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :)

    Becca xx

  8. Wow, beautiful photos! I'd love to visit Paris someday, it's a stunning place.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  9. Paris is the most incredible city! I always wish I got to go and see a show in the Moulin Rouge, but maybe next time! Great photos,
    Charlie x


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