This summer I also had a trip to Luxembourg City. By this, I mean that we stayed the night in Luxembourg as we drove to and from somewhere, so we didn't really have much time there, only a night really! I have been to Luxembourg city before, so I wasn't missing out too much. It's a strange place to be really, as it seems to be half charming village and half cosmopolitan city,  a mix of Laduree and Chanel with a medieval old town and little bars and restaurants. It was incredibly warm when we went, so we were able to sit outside by the river with drinks before heading to a restaurant for baked Camembert and Spaghetti Carbonara. I sit writing this snuggled up in a jumper in our front room watching a storm out the window, I now understand what people are talking about when they say they miss the Summer! 

These photos were mostly taken outside of the Notre Dame Cathedral as we were just making our way to the old town. I wore this outfit so much on my holidays this year! It is super easy and super comfortable in hotter weather, and the monochrome colour scheme means it's great for so many occasions. The bardot top is actually a body con dress from Primark but with a skirt on top. Ive been loving bardot necklines for so long now, but I usually prefer them with a full length sleeve as I like my arms covered. This dress is actually a bit intimidating for me with it having so much of my arms on show, but with a slight (and I mean slight) tan and an extra bit of convincing, I actually quite enjoyed wearing it. Ive been getting into the habit lately of sticking well within my current comfort zone of smocked dresses and long sleeved tops but I really do need to start wearing more of my wardrobe and branching out again. This time last year, I was being much more bold with my clothing choices so I hope I can go back to that! By Christmas time, I would love to have my old confidence with clothes back so I'm going to work toward that goal. I do usually get a bit more adventurous in the months leading up to Christmas (which is surprisingly close, thinking about it).

My skin cleared up loads over the summer so in these pictures I didn't use a foundation, but opted for  a BB cream and concealer instead. I don't really like using a full coverage skin base in the summer because I think it can look a bit funny with my freckles, so I try to embrace my natural skin when I have less blemishes to cover. I tend to go for a glowy, contoured look and I've found my absolute favourite products for this are the Seventeen Skin Wow Primer (either mixed with my moisturiser or blended along the high points of my face) and the Contour Cream by & Other Stories, blended below my cheekbones. Ive been loving liquid and cream products because they give a much dewier more natural feel to your makeup rather than a cakey or powdery look, which is great for someone with combination skin like mine! 

I hope to do more posts from home when my last travel post (St Tropez!) is live. I feel like my blog is, quite literally, a little bit all over the place at the minute and I need to catch up on regular life.  I do hope you've enjoyed seeing what I've been up too this summer though! I have the week off next week, in which I should be taking a trip to Copenhagen, finishing off some art and finally getting round to reading my books on Vivienne Westwood and I cant wait to just be able to chill out and get sorted again! 
Have a lovely week, 
Bethany x


  1. You look gorgeous doll, what a marvellous place too :) x

  2. I love you're outfit and you look beautiful ♥

  3. Beautiful pics, love those earrings. I love when bloggers post their travel pics! Have a great weekend.


    1. Thank you, Travel posts are my favourite kind of posts :) x

  4. What a beautiful outfit! Love the off the shoulder top and the pattern on it is stunning.

  5. I've been to Luxembourg before and it IS a really strange place to be! I might actually see if I can dig out some photos of my trip, it was back in 2007 though!

    Corinne x

  6. Luxembourg looks lovely, my friend lives there! Amy x


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