Sequins and skulls

I have a week off! It’s the autumn break here in Denmark, so I'm taking lots of time to catch up on work and to have some time to myself. I’ve been doing loads lately, so it’s good just to chill out a bit! I'm going for an impromptu couple of days in Copenhagen tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that. It seems ages ago since I was wandering around vintage shops in Norrebro or buying cake from Torvehallerne. Trips to Copenhagen are always so relaxing, so it’s going to be lovely to have a wander around and eat Chilli Squid in Wagamama (Which I've never seen in Denmark outside of Copenhagen). It’s starting to feel quite wintry now, so I'm wearing a lot more black and quite a few more bulky jumpers. Yesterday, I gathered all my summer clothes together and got them ready to put into storage to clear some space on my already crowded clothes rail. Now, rather than being packed with little print dresses and pastel cardigans, it houses a fair few midi dresses and skinny black tops to layer under things. I always feel more comfortable with my style when it gets colder, especially thinking of the prospect of snazzy party dresses as Christmas gets closer. I suppose I should get Halloween out of the way before I start thinking about Christmas but, to be honest, Christmas is only 10 weeks away and is my favourite time of year, so festive excitement is allowed! I’ve been wearing an awful lot of black recently and I'm not sure why. I have quite a colourful wardrobe but I always seem to go back to wearing darker tones, it’s just how I feel more comfortable really. I find blacks and greys so much easier to layer up, especially when I'm leaving the house in a rush and don't have the time to think about what matches and so on. I want to go back to wearing more colour, like I used too, but I think I should introduce it back a little bit at a time and that is where this gorgeous Collar* by Abbie Walsh comes in. I was over the moon when me and Abbie decided to collaborate! I've been admiring her pieces for quite a while now (and also admiring this British Vogue shoot of Lana Del Rey wearing Abbie's accessories) so I couldn't wait for my gorgeous collar to arrive. I feel it adds just the right amount of sparkle to what would otherwise be quite a plain outfit, and the lace is so intricate and beautiful. It is such a special piece to have, especially since all Abbie Walsh pieces are hand sewn, completely unique and incorporate vintage and antique elements into their design. I'm also very excited that the sequins are silver as I'm usually such a gold girl but I always love the way silver looks, especially paired with some metallic shoes! I was planning on wearing these silver heels but unfortunately they are a little bit grubby after I wore them to see Shaka Loveless last friday and had a drink spilt on my feet whilst dancing (so worth it, and after a clean they will be good as new!). I guess glittery T-bars are the next best thing!

Lately I've been busy doing sketches for my art project on Skulls. It seems strange now that I was so worried about starting studying art again and whether or not I would enjoy it as I find it really therapeutic now! I love being able to unwind and channel my energy into something worthwhile. This skulls project has also given me an excuse to look at the Damien Hirst and Alexander Mcqueen collaborations which is never a bad thing really. I'm pretty happy with how its going to far, and I'm now at the stage of making screens of my research for my studio work which I'm sure will pop up on my instagram (@bethanygraceo) if you're interested in seeing what this was leading up too! I still have a way to go with this and I must admit, I'm looking forward to having the freedom to sketch something a bit less morbid. I want to start carrying my sketchbook around with me more too so I can document things on the go and also just practice more often, so I might do that soon! I hope you're having a lovely week, Bethany x


  1. such a lovely outfit! love your blog xo

  2. Wow, that collar is fab. I just looked at Abbies site, so beautiful. You look cute! Amy x

  3. The collar is lovely on that top. Hope you have a lovely week off, sounds like you have some great plans!

    Corinne x

    1. Thank you so much, I had a lovely week! x

  4. Such a beautiful outfit. You look absolutely stunning and the collar is so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful day. xx

  5. I love your outfit, especially the lace and sequins detail :)

    Pop over to my blog!


  6. Great post dear! Have a nice day:)

  7. Love this outfit and I love your artwork! I'm so envious of people who can draw! Great post, lady! XO

  8. Wow your sketches are amazing! I love your outfit too, those shoes are amazing omg xo

  9. Your outfit is so so gorgeous and your sketches are so amazing! x

  10. Wow, you´re such a beauty! I love your dress and your drawings are stunning ♥


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